I知 very sorry to report to you that I値l have to put the business on hold for a few months. It seems that my cancer has come back. I値l have surgery the 3rd week of December followed by months of recovery. I have the best doctors so I expect to return as early as next summer. It痴 going to hurt a lot, but I have a good attitude. Lots of folks are praying for me, so I知 placing my faith in God to get me through this. If I can operate before then, I値l let everyone know.

Thank you for your past and future support.

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We are proud to be working in association with the American Legion Post 160.

See our menu for all you値l need to satisfy the most region oriented BBQ fan. We have sauces to give you the 漸 the taste you need; from Eastern to Western NC to mid SC to Memphis to Kansas City. Our authentic, homemade sauces are true to their titles and sure to please. We look forward to seeing you!


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